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Fairy Garden

This area started out as a raised bed to level the slope beside the potting shed.  I began adding native ephemeral plants, then more small plants.  Someone suggested that it looked like a fairy garden, so I embraced the concept.  There are numerous miniature plants there now. 



Sangunaria canadensis

Carol Sowers_0010_Layer 35.jpg

Native, shade, 6” tall, blooms March to May

Crested Dwarf Iris

Iris cristata

Carol Sowers_0009_Layer 36.jpg

Native, part shade, 3 inches tall, blooms April to May

Toadshade Trillium

Trillium sessile

Carol Sowers_0008_Layer 37.jpg

Native, shade, 12 inches tall, blooms April, May

Deer magnet

Wood Anemone

Anemone nemorosa

Carol Sowers_0007_Layer 38.jpg

Native, part shade, 3 – 6 inches tall, blooms early spring

Shooting Star

Dodecatheon meadia

Carol Sowers_0006_Layer 39.jpg

Native, part shade, 8 – 18 inches tall, April, May

Bleeding Heart

Dicentra eximia

Carol Sowers_0005_Layer 40.jpg

Native, part shade, 8 – 18 inches tall, blooms summer


Chamaelirium luteum

Carol Sowers_0004_Layer 41.jpg

Native, part shade, 15 – 18 inches tall, blooms May

Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense

Carol Sowers_0035_Layer 16.jpg

Native, shade, 3” tall, evergreen

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