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Flo and Mingo Garden

I love yard art.  These metal flamingos were rescued from a discard pile and restored by Darick Jarvis.  Mingo’s legs and stand were rewelded.  Flo’s legs were beyond help and had to be amputated.  She now sits on a nest.  They are surrounded by Encore azaleas, daffodils, ferns, and hellebores.  Sweet shrub forms the backdrop.


Sweet Shrub

Calycanthus floridus

Carol Sowers_0023_Layer 26.jpg

Native, Part shade, 6-8’ tall, blooms May and June

This shrub is original to the property         

Twisted Arrows Rush


Carol Sowers_0022_Layer 27.jpg

Part sun, ornamental grass, 36” high, evergreen

Part of Flo’s nesting material


This is one of the few grasses that will tolerate part shade.  I have used it in many areas of my garden because of its height and texture.

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