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The Hillside Garden

Garden Welcome

This Garden is 28 years old. It was started in 1994. My husband and I had moved back to Gainesville from  Atlanta in 1993 to the old house I grew up in    (which had been vacant for several years.)  We started working on the house and decided to start a garden in the back....but there were woods covering the back up to 20-30 feet of the house.  Slowly we began to open up some planting areas and our gardens began. Life Begins when you start your Garden!!  Little by little we cleared land , and Mother Nature cleared some land by having some trees come down!  We started planting one "room" or area at a time...and over the course of many years developed the gardens you see today!


This Garden always has and always will be a Woodland Garden with winding paths, different elevations, and mixtures of trees and plants. It is truly a walking, talking, drinking wine garden. Because of the big slope of the gardens, the paths curve around it following the lay of the land...not many straight lines in this garden!


Special Features of this garden include the land itself, the two ponds, a collection of old iron, seating areas and eating areas as well as a collection of Japanese Maples, old plantings of Camellias and Iris that belonged to grandparents ,a wide variety of ferns, several unusual Contortas, and well established ornamental plants and shrubs along side blueberries and strawberries! This is not a garden you hurry through.  You need to take your time and look carefully on every level at the Wonders of Mother Nature. Thank you for visiting my garden. I hope you enjoy it!

Sloyer Garden: Welcome
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