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Holly Garden

This is my newest garden area.  A large holly tree died, you can see the stump, and left an opening in the woods.  I have cleaned the area and planted shrubs and other shade loving plants.  Bluets are scattered in the grass.  A barn quilt overlooks the area.


Empress of China Evergreen Dogwood

Cornus capitata

Carol Sowers_0003_Layer 42.jpg

Sun to part sun, evergreen tree, 20’ tall, flowers and red berries

Spiders Web

Fatsia japonica

Carol Sowers_0002_Layer 43.jpg

Part shade, shrub, 60” high, evergreen

Epidmedium (Various)

Carol Sowers_0001_Layer 44.jpg

Part shade to shade, 1 – 2 feet tall


Houstonis caerulea

Carol Sowers_0000_Layer 45.jpg

Native meadow, part shade, sun, 2 inches tall, blooms April to June, found in the lawn

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