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House Front Gardens

House Front Garden (Left Side)


This is a classic 1950’s house with typical foundation shrubs, holly, and boxwood.  I have added some hydrangea and yew to make it more interesting.  The grass area struggles because of lack of sunlight.  I keep increasing the size of the pine straw area to compensate. This garden varies from part sun near the front door walkway to full shade moving to the left and down the steppingstone path.  The path was made to combat severe erosion during heavy rainstorms.  I have planted a variety of shade loving plants in this area.

Leopard Plant


Carol Sowers_0051_Layer 2.jpg

Shade, 18” tall, blooms in fall, deer resistant, evergreen


Aquilegia canadensis

Carol Sowers_0050_Layer 3.jpg

Native, 24” high, blooms April and May, hummingbird pollinator


Various Plants

Carol Sowers_0049_Layer 4.jpg

Shade, part shade


Arum italicum

Carol Sowers_0048_Layer 5.jpg

Shade, 12”, red berries, evergreen

Flowering Fern

Incarvillea delavayi

Carol Sowers_0047_Layer 6.jpg

Part shade, 18 inches tall, blooms late spring


Brunnera macrophylla

Carol Sowers_0046_Layer 7.jpg

Part to full shade, 15 inches, blooms spring


Podyphylum peltatum

Carol Sowers_0045_Layer 8.jpg

Native, Shade, 18”, bloom April to June

Fruit can be used to make jelly.

House Front Garden (Right Side)

Carissa Holly

Acebo Carissa

Carol Sowers_0044_Layer 9.jpg

Sun, 3 feet high, evergreen, chosen because it needs little pruning

Plum Yew


Part sun, 48 inches high, evergreen, chosen because of texture

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