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Mailbox and Pine Island


Because of the tall trees on the south side of my property, there is little sun to sustain grass.  I have given up and increased the size of my pine straw island several times.  The trees and shrubs there get filtered sunlight at best.  Around the mailbox are annuals that grow with morning sun. 


Cercis canadensis

Carol Sowers_0040_Layer 11.jpg

 Native, part sun, small tree, weeping variety, 5 feet tall, blooms April and May


Pieris Japonica

Carol Sowers_0039_Layer 12.jpg

Part shade, shrub, 3 feet tall, evergreen

Jewel Box Distyluim

Carol Sowers_0038_Layer 13.jpg

Full sun to part shade, shrub, 2 feet tall, evergreen

Lily of the Valley

Convallaria majuscule

Carol Sowers_0037_Layer 14.jpg

Native, part shade, 10 inches tall, blooms April to June


Uvularia sessilifolia

Carol Sowers_0036_Layer 15.jpg

Native, part shade, 12” tall, blooms April and May

Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense

Carol Sowers_0035_Layer 16.jpg

Native, shade, 3” tall, evergreen

Night Blooming Cactus


Carol Sowers_0034_Layer 17.jpg

Part sun, tropical, house plant in winter, blooms September, blooms at night, bloom lasts only one night

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