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Mother Nature at Work

The intense rain and wind in October 2021 caused an oak tree in my neighbor’s yard to fall and damage my fence and raised beds.  The first picture, September, shows the mature shrubs growing in the corner of yard.  The other pictures show the fallen tree and damage.  Most shrubs in this area had to be severely cut back or removed.

Carol Sowers_0017_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Carol Sowers_0016_Vector Smart Object.jpg
Carol Sowers_0018_Vector Smart Object.jpg

Chinese Indigo

Indigofera decora

Carol Sowers_0015_Layer 31.jpg

Sun or part shade, shrub, 3’ tall, blooms June and July

This was a cutting from my Aunt’s house

Hearts -a- Bustin'

Euonymus americanus

Carol Sowers_0014_Layer 32.jpg

Native shrub,  5’, part shade, fall berries

Trumpet Honeysuckle

Lonicera serpervirens

Carol Sowers_0013_Layer 33.jpg

Native, part sun, sun, vine, blooms April – September

Hummingbird attractor

American Beautyberry

Callicarpa americana

Carol Sowers_0012_Layer 34.jpg

Native, full sun to part shade, fall berries

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