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Pollinator Garden

Most of my property gets little sun.  After several storms removed trees, a small sunny area opened.  It still only gets about 4 hours of direct sun but that is more than it had before.  I have planted native azaleas and other flowering shrubs.  The raised beds have a variety of pollinator plants, some that came from the Redbud Project Native plant sale.  Others came from seed heads that I collected when walking with my dog in the neighborhood. 



Carol Sowers_0033_Layer 18.jpg

Sun to part sun, 2 – 10’ tall, shrub, blooms early spring

Planted by the original owners


Japanese Rose

Kerria japonica

Carol Sowers_0032_Layer 19.jpg

Sun, part sun, 5-6 feet, shrub, blooms spring


Planted by the original owners

Native Azalea (Various)

Native Azalea (Various)

Carol Sowers_0031_Layer 20.jpg

Part sun, blooms spring


Clethra alnifolia

Carol Sowers_0030_Layer 21.jpg

Full or part sun, 3 feet tall, blooms summer

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