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Dwarf Prostrata Juniper

Juniperus Chinesis

This 40-year-old juniper began life in a pot and since being planted in the front rock garden has grown and spread well beyond its anchoring rock boulder.  We enjoy the way it spreads out over the rock garden so we do not prune it to fit into a smaller space.  It can, however, be pruned to work in most garden spaces.  It likes at least 6 hours of sun as do most of the dwarf evergreens in the rock garden.


Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum "Sango-Kaku"

This beautiful maple is a small tree that puts out gorgeous yellow foliage in the fall.  The squirrels are always eating the bark and leaves of this tree so it must be very sweet.  It is a slow growing tree that requires sun.  The leaves and shape of this tree make it a particular favorite in our garden.  This tree is directly outside of my office window and I love watching the squirrels munch on its branches. 

Full Moon Maple.jpg

Fernleaf Full-Moon Maple

Acer Japonicum "Aconitifolium"

The foliage on this smaller-sized maple is spectacular.  It is a double leaf, brilliant green in the summer and a gorgeous deep red in the fall.  Like the other smaller maples in our front garden, this tree is a real attraction for the squirrels and deer.  They love the sweet taste of the bark and leaves.


Dwarf Blue Spruce

Picea pungens "Globosa"

The blue needles of this dwarf blue spruce make this lovely evergreen a standout in our rock garden.  It grows only one to six inches a year which qualifies this tree as a dwarf version of its much taller relative.  It is extremely easy to maintain and requires little pruning.  In twenty years it might be as tall as 10 to 12 feet, but is easily maintained at its current size and is already over 25 years of age.

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Boxwood Topiary

This is not an unusual plant, but everyone always comments on the pruning shape and wants to know about it.  We generally trim this topiary with scissors to maintain its round shapes.

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