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Clematis taiga ranunculaceae

This popular cultivar originated in China or Japan and produces an abundance of lovely flowers all late spring and summer.  In the fall and winter, the vines should not be cut back or the plant will not bloom profusely.  It looks very sad with its withered branches on the antique gate we have mounted to our wall, but it is glorious in the summer, so don’t cut back the dead branches.

Hintons_0012_Layer 9.jpg

Flying Dragon Bitter Orange

Citrus Trifoliata

The cultivar 'Flying Dragon' is dwarfed in size and has highly twisted, contorted stems. It makes an excellent barrier hedge due to its density and strong curved thorns. The plant is also highly deer-resistant, likely due to its sharp thorns.  This plant is from China and Japan.  We keep ours in a container on the deck where it gets lots of comments.


Longleaf Pine

Pinus palustris

This evergreen is a large tree, often growing to a height of 125 feet.  Seedlings go through a distinctive “grass stage”, with the candle-like, silvery bud protected by a dense clump of needles at the ground line.  It is classified as a large tree, but we have been growing ours in a container for the past eight years and it has only grown a few inches.  It is tall and straight and very interesting looking.  A native to the Southeast, it is also the state tree of Alabama. 

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