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Lion's Mane Maple

Acer palmatum "Shishigashira"

This upright growing small Japanese Maple is perfect for large containers or small garden spaces.  It is shade tolerant so we provide an “umbrella” to shade our plant in the very hot summer.  It has a lovely shape and produces brilliant gold and crimson leaves in the fall.  It is one of the featured plants in our pool area.  It is called Japanese, but is found all over China and Southeast Asia.


Leopard Plant

This is a clumping evergreen flowering plant of the family Asteraceae.  It is sometimes called the tractor seat plant because of the unique shape of its leaves.  It likes partial to full shade and puts out yellow flowers in the fall.  It is generally prized for its foliage.  It loves the shade and makes an attractive arrangement in the yard or a container.

Hintons_0011_Layer 10.jpg

Dwarf Fig, Little Miss Figgy

Ficus courica majoam

This lovely fig was developed to be planted in a container.  It grows to a mature height of only six feet, but will produce good-sized figs within two years. They are delicious and highly nutritious. They are considered the earliest known cultivated fruit in the world.  The Ancient Egyptians highly prized figs as a culinary treat. I love figs, so we planted this in a container in full sun near the pool.


Japanese Umbrella Pine

Sciadopitys verticillata

A native to Japan, this conifer is the only member of the family Sciadopityaceae and genus Sciadopitys, a living fossil with no close relatives, and known in the fossil record for about 230 million years.  While it can reach 90 feet in the wild, it is a very slow grower.  So, if you want to grow this tree, you probably want to purchase a good size plant.

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