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Limelight Hydrangeas


This shrub features huge football-shaped flowers that open in green and turn pink in the fall.  These fast-growing shrubs are very popular in southern gardens.  Our flowers are so heavy in the summer that we have to put three levels of rope around the shrubs to hold them up.  They make wonderful dried flower arrangements in the fall and are spectacular the entire time they are blooming, no matter what color they are.


Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Cedrus atlantica 'glauca pendula'

This dramatic, weeping evergreen makes a special addition to any landscape. Naturally slow-growing with a sprawling horizontal habit, though often trained into an upright, serpentine form.  Hardy in our zone and very easy to maintain.  We purchased this tree several years ago at HCMG Fall Expo, and it has done very well in the garden behind our pool. 

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